We endeavor to deliver top quality teaching in all areas of our activities. Teaching is the main channel through which we disseminate our research results toward the wider world, and contribute toward the training of future managers and engineers. We teach at the undergraduate, MSc, MAS and PhD levels.

Our teaching combines several methods, from traditional lectures to cases, from simulations to peer-to-peer, project-based learning.

Fall 2017

LevelCatalogue #TitleContact Person
MAS365-1083-00LLeading the Technology-Driven Enterprise Barbara La Cara
MAS365-1067-00L(Un)ethical Decision Making: Alternative and Critical Thinking in Management Barbara La Cara
MSc363-0341-00LIntroduction to Management Barbara La Cara

Spring 2017

LevelCatalogue #TitleContact Person
MAS365-1053-00LInnovation, Creativity and Personality TraitsDr. Daniella Laureiro - Martínez
Prof. Stefano Brusoni
MSc351-0778-00LDiscovering Management Victor Solomon
MSc363-0764-00LProject Management Georg Windisch