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Professional Development Workshop: From brains to organization: micro- macro solutions for attention and cognition research

Date: 02.08.2014
Location: Academy of Management Annual Meeting - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Contact Person: Daniella Laureiro - Martínez

The aim of this PDW is to provide a context for management researchers to discuss, in very practical terms, how to solve the problems they currently face when linking macro to micro, or micro to macro levels of analysis. This PDW will create a space where the research community on organizational attention and more broadly on cognition, can engage in generative discussion, and critically consider how micro and macro approaches can be combined to advance our understanding of managerial and organizational cognition. The PDW will be a hands-on time during which participants will closely interact with other researchers who study attention and cognition, jointly collaborating to solve each other’s challenges. The PDW will consist of three parts. First, a brief introduction to the session. Second participants will discuss in groups the challenges they currently face. Two experienced researchers will sit at each table acting as ‘moderators’ guiding the discussion. The issues will be brought by each participant, depending on their research current problems. All participants in the table will collaborate to propose alternative solutions and a way forward to bridge the gap between micro and macro approaches on cognition and attention research. At the end, each group will prepare a poster as a summary of their discussion, and will use it to report back to all the workshop participants. Finally, the PDW will conclude with a plenary discussion of the main issues and solutions proposed by the different groups.