As a student at D-MTEC, may I attend a lecture of your chair as "Wahlfach" as well as "Kernfach"?
No. A lecture may only be taken once.

I cannot attend the examination at the dates given by the lecturer. May I arrange another date for the examinations?
It is possible, but only in very special cases. You have to hand-in a written request before the enrollment deadline of the examinations. All your reasons have to be backed with written papers. For example, if your residence permit will be discontinued, hand in a copy of all the relevant papers. In any case, postponing examinations has to be supervised by the study coordinator of your department.

Is it possible to do the oral examination with Professor Brusoni in German?
No. Oral examination can be done only in English. If you prefer German, please contact the corresponding assistant in advance.


Consolidation Module Technology and Innovation Management (Vertiefungsblock)

What lectures do I have to attend in order do my consolidation studies at your chair?
Please go to the education section of this site and check the information given there.

I intend to go abroad for one semester and therefore, I can't attend some mandatory lectures of the consolidation module. What do I have to do?
Refer to the education section of this site and contact the coordinator of the consolidation module as soon as possible.


Master Theses, etc.

I would like to do a thesis at your institute. What are the first steps.
Please go to the section Master Theses and contact our coordinator.