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MTEC 10th anniversary

29.05.2015: ETH Zurich
The MTEC Department will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a full day of talks and events. More information can be found here.

Venture 2015 series of events

01.04.2015: ETH Zurich / EPFL Lausanne
Venture 2015 is providing a number of interesting events for current and potential entrepreneurs. D-MTEC encourages its students to participate in the startup competition and members of the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management provide active organizational support for…
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Latest News

Nicole teaching a PhD course in Tallinn

Nicole will be teaching a PhD course on research design at the Estonian Business School (EBS) in Tallinn. This 3-day intensive course is designed to assists PhD-students to learn and apply essential skills in designing research to excel in the research community, both during their PhD thesis and…

Paper accepted for publication in Advances in Strategic Management

Tha paper "Cognitive Neuroscience and Strategic Management: Opportunities and Challenges in Tying the Knot" was accepted for publication in Advances in Strategic Management. The paper is the result of the joint work of Daniella Laureiro-Martínez, Stefano Brusoni, Vinod Venkatraman, Stefano Cappa…
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