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Opportunities for M.Sc. theses

We just opened two new M.Sc. thesis opportunities on topics of industry architecture, and organizational design. You can find the calls here and here Please contact Jose (jarrieta@ethz.ch) for more information.

Research Seminar by Tommaso Ramus (Católica Lisbon) on September 1, 2017

The Chair of Technology and Innovation Management, ETH Zurich, invites you to the upcoming Research seminar by Tommaso Ramus, Assistant Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Ethics, Business and Economics (CEBE) - Católica Lisbon. Tommaso will present a working paper titled “FROM…

2017 Frontiers in MOC and TIM Conference hosted at ETH Zürich

From June 29th to 30th 2017, we were pleased to convene an exciting conference,dedicated to furthering research at the crossroads of Managerial and Organizational Cognition and Technology and Innovation Management – The MOC & TIM Conference. During two days top scholars as well as junior…

The TIM Group welcomes Sen as new PhD student

Starting from July 1st, 2017, Sen Fang joins our group as new PhD student. Sen holds a bachelor`s degree in electrical engineering and a master in industrial management. His research interests (for now) are on technology scouting and foresight, exploration & exploitation as well as continuous…

Amulya defends her PhD thesis

Today Amulya defended her PhD thesis and finally emerged as Dr. Amulya Tata. Congratulations! According to the unanimous decision of the examination commitee she delivered an excellent thesis which has been nominated for the ETH Medal.

The TIM Group welcomes Zorica as a visiting PhD student

Zorica is a PhD student from the University of Liechtenstein, Chair of Technology Entrepreneurship, and stays with the TIM group from June 26th until the end of September 2017. Her PhD research is about the roles of two different cognitive mechanisms - divergent and convergent thinking - in…

Research seminar with Kevin Corley on publishing qualitative research

Today, Kevin Corley, Professor at the Arizona State University and former Associate Editor of AMJ, provided crucial insights on do’s and dont’s for publishing qualitative research in top management journals. It was a joint seminar by ETH Zürich and HEG Fribourg organized by Philipp…

New web presence for the TIM chair`s industry collaborations

The Chair of Technology and Innovation Management conducts a broad range of industry projects. We greatly appreciate the many perspectives and insights we gain through that project work, and in turn are happy to serve as a value-generating partner for industry. Information on selected projects is…

MAS Study Trip to China

Together with a group of 40 MAS students, Stefano and Alice enjoyed a great week in Shanghai, visiting companies, meeting people and enjoying some really great food. Thanks to Linda Lou (Swissnex Shanghai, [http://www.swissnexchina.org/en/ ] for making it possible!

Barbara invited to speak at UniKore of Enna (Italy)

Barbara has been invited to present her paper (joint work with Stefano Brusoni) titled “Competence building in East Africa: The case of solar technologies” at University Kore of Enna (Kore Seminars Business and Economics, KoreBE). Details on KoreBE can be found here.

Stefano at the ETH-World Economic Forum Workshop "Factory of the Future"

At February 27th the ETH-WEF Workshop "Factory of the Future" took place at the ETH Zürich, which has a long history of involvement with the Forum. ETH Zürich is a member of the Global University Leaders Forum. At the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2017 (Davos), professors from ETH…

Chen & Nadkarni interviewed by Amulya & Xena for the ASQ blog

In an article published in the current March issue of ASQ, Chen and Nadkarni reveal the role of temporal dispositions in corporate venturing. Check out this latest ASQ blog interview to understand the research process of making this paper, its generalizability and how to manage ones own pacing…

Paper accepted at Future Medicine: Nanomedicine

A paper by Martin Würmseher and Lea Firmin has been accepted for publication by Nanomedicine. The paper, titeled "Nanobiotech in big pharma: a business perspective", aims to explore the economic significance that nanobiotech has gained in the established pharmaceutical industry (big pharma). The…

Paper accepted at Journal of Business Venturing Insights

A paper by Amulya Tata, Daniella Laureiro Martinez, David Garcia, Adrian Oesch and Stefano Brusoni has been accepted for publication at JBVI. The title of the paper is: "The Psycholinguistics of Entrepreneurship". In this paper we explore the relationship between work-life concerns, emotions and…

SNSF Conference grant for the MOC-TIM Conference

We are extremely pleased to be partly funded by the SNSF conference grant. The Swiss National Science Foundation's motto is that "Knowledge is the key to the future and Research creates knowledge". We hope to pursue the conference in the same underlying spirit

Paper accepted at Frontiers in Psychology

A paper by Daniella Laureiro-Martínez, Carlos A.Trujillo and Juliana Unda has been accepted for publication at Frontiers in Psychology. The title of the paper is: "Time perspective and age: a review of age associated differences". You can download it here. The paper has implications for the…

Open positions for research assistants

The TIMGROUP at ETH MTEC is looking for part time research assistants. The workload is varied, in terms of hours and skills. Specifically we are interested in students from ETH or University of Zurich. We are looking forward to your applications. Further information can be found here.

Persistence paid off!

Stefano, Daniella and Amulya have won a grant from the MTEC foundation for their project titled " Persistence and search: An experimental study". We are very grateful to the MTEC foundation to enable us to carry on this exciting experimental work.

Innovedum grant for Design Thinking course

Good news for our teams' Design Thinking enthusiasts. The ETH Innovedum initiative supports course formats that help our students to become critical and independent thinkers. The grant allows us to study the antecedents of this very unique learning environment and how students take on the Design…

Martin defends his PhD Thesis

Martin Würmseher has gotten through the most decisive hour of his time at the TIM group and has emerged as a doctor! Congratulations, Dr. Martin Würmseher!

Paper accepted at Technovation

A paper by Martin Würmseher has been accepted for publication at Technovation! The title of the paper is "To each his own: Matching different entrepreneurial models to the academic scientist's individual needs".
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