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TIMGroup hosting Gerry McNamara

TIMGroup is hosting Prof. Gerry McNamara at ETH Zurich. He is a professor of management at Michigan State University. His research focuses on examining the effects of behavioral factors, organizational practices, and strategic positioning on organizational decision-making and risk taking. Gerry…

Bálint presented a paper at Sunbelt

Bálint presented a paper, coauthored with Stefano and Daniella, at the Sunbelt 2015 social network conference in Brighton, UK. The paper, entitled "Awakening dormant ties: The role of cognitive network activation", deals with the cognitive process of recalling social contacts for specific…

Nicole presented a paper at Frontiers in MOC

Elia Giovacchini and Nicole Rosenkranz took part in the “Frontiers in MOC” Conference in Roskilde, Denmark. They presented their paper “When birds of diverse feathers, flock together: Multiple identity spheres and their impact on organizational change”. The paper deals with the tension…
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