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Our "self-assessment" fosters reflections in a Community of Practice

Last weekend Daniella experimented with a new application of our research together with a diverse group of individuals who make part of a "Community of Practice" and share monthly meetings aimed at improving their self-development, with some focus on their leadership abilities. The participants of…

Teaching innovation leadership in times of COVID-19

We are happy to announce that last Friday we held the very first virtual prototyping workshop with almost 30 participants! The Innovation Leadership teaching team, D-MTEC MAS students, Integrated Building Systems students, case managers from Basler and Hoffman and the company’s CEO worked…

Philipp invited speaker on ‘scaling’ at National Coaching Meeting

Philipp has been advising the Swiss government agency Innosuisse in conceiving and setting up nationwide scale-up programs. Innosuisse leadership thus invited Philipp to provide insights from his and others’ work on scaling to their 100+ accredited coaches. He presented five key transitions…
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