We greatly appreciate the many perspectives and insights we gain through project work with our industry partners. Our collaborations vary from short-term projects, such as BSc., MSc. or MAS theses, to consulting assignments and PhD projects, which span up to several years of exchange and co-creation. We study how teams (engineers, scientists, managers and entrepreneurs) initiate innovation and ultimately operationalize new products and processes. Along these activities, we observe how company-specific parameters shape and accelerate the execution of such.


Following the links below you can find a few examples of past projects:

·       On the individual level: How do individuals make innovative decisions?

·       On the team level: What are the sources and contextual conditions of innovative behavior?

·       On the organizational level: How do firms develop new technologies and adapt to environmental changes? How do new ventures generate innovation?

Navigate through the above themes to learn more about our past projects. If you would like to share your current thinking on these topics or explore opportunities to collaborate, please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.