MSc Program

MSc MTEC - Focus on Technology and Innovation Management

On this page, you find information about the Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Technology and Economics, offered by D-MTEC to all students interested in deepening their understanding of how economic and managerial principles affect the evolution of technologies and our ability to deploy them to contribute to sustainable value generation.

We suggest the follow lectures to students, who would like to deepen their studies in the field of Technology and Innovation Management.

Additional information: Supplementary courses (Ergänzungsfächer): Please notice that you have to take at least 12 credits in the field of your bachelor studies, e.g. mechanical engineering. The supplementary courses MUST be chosen from courses offered by other departments, and MUST be related to your background in engineering and/or sciences. They cannot be additional management courses, even if offered by other departments. Please note these are departmental guidelines. They are NOT chair-specific.

Compulsory lectures

We regard the following courses as compulsory for all students, who wish to focus their studies on Technology and Innovation Management and to write their thesis at our chair:

Recommended lectures

We recommend the following elective courses (in alphabetical order) to complement your study plan:

All courses offered at D-MTEC are listed in the course catalogue.

Further questions

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