Master's Theses

We are supervising master theses (MSc and  MAS) and semester theses (e.g. BSc MAVT) that are related to the field of Technology and Innovation Management and fit to our main research areas. Students are also invited to propose their own topics and it is possible to write the theses in close collaboration with a particular company.

If you are interested in doing your Master's Thesis at the TIM chair, please first look at the table below to see the thesis topics that our group offers. In case we have specific calls for projects, you will find them on the right. If you find a person whose topics suit your interests, please contact this person directly. If you are unsure or you have an idea for a proposal yourself, please contact our MSc Thesis coordinator Anna Dereky. In any case, if you have concrete interest, please include a short motivation letter, your CV and grade transcripts in the email.


Every MTEC M.Sc. student conducting a thesis at the TIM group has to attend following three courses: 1) Introduction to Management, 2) Technology and Innovation Management and 3) a Methods course on either: How to write a thesis and/or How to collect data.

If you are a student outside of MTEC or outside of ETH, and you are interested in doing a thesis project with our chair, please contact Anna Dereky, with a motivation letter, your CV and grade transcripts.

Masters Thesis Topics:


Name Thesis Topic Specific Calls  
Sen Fang Technology foresight – tools and mechanisms for technology scouting, technology evaluation and technology planning; Balance of exploration and exploitation in corporations.

Barbara La Cara

Innovation and ethics:

Social Innovation; Social Entrepreneurship; Ethical Decision-Making


Daniella Laureiro Martinez, Dr.

General research under cognition and emotion for innovation and strategic decision-making.

Decision making paradoxes: exploration vs. exploitation, economic vs. social, creative vs. routinized, present vs. future

Topics related to: attention, creativity, routines, learning and routines change, personality, time-perspective for managers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Sonja Förster

Team dynamics and routines in Medical Care Teams. Thesis project in collaboration with the Simulation Center and University Hospital Zurich


Axel Zeijen Disruptive innovation; business models & business model innovation; 3D printing; product architectures; modularity; industry structures
Jose Arrieta Strategic decision making; Routine making and change; Organizational design