Paper accepted at Industrial and Corporate Change


A paper by Stefano Brusoni, Daniella Laureiro-Martinez and colleagues, entiteled as "Exploring Exploration: The role of affective states as forces that hinder change" has been accepted for publication at Industrial and Corporate Change.

In the light of a better understanding of failure and success in adapting to environmental changes, the paper aims at a better understanding of why people hestiate to pursue novel choices.More specifically, the paper investigates what forces hinder individual´s exploration choices of different alternatives, and hence their ability to learn from them. 

Study "Automobilindustrie Schweiz - Branchenanalyse 2018/19" published


On January 17, 2019 the Swiss Center for Automotive Research (SwissCAR) published the third edition of its study series “Automobilindustrie Schweiz”.Togehter with Business Monitor and Swissmem the TIMGroup was a partner for this year´s study.

Again great interest from industry, politics and science could be attracted. Please find selected media coverage here, here, and here.

In case you are interested in the report of the study, please contact

Paper accepted at the Journal of Business Strategy


A paper by Georg Windisch titeled "Better Profit Formulas for New Business Models: Capital Goods Industries in a Fragmented Market" is accepted for publication at the Journal of Business Strategy. The study proposes a novel three-step approach for designing profit formulas for new business models in the capital goods and comparable industries.

TIMGroup at the Innovedum Learning and Teaching Fair 2018


Mid of November the first ETH Learning and Teaching Fair 2018 took place. Students, staff and professor were welcome to take a closer look to some selected learning and teaching projects. Aim of the fair is to inspire a discussion and feedback on the topic of student learning.

The TIM Group presented two projects – the Innovation Leadership Seminar and the Impact of Design Thinking

Innovation Leadership Seminar

The course aims at promoting students’ critical thinking processes and their managerial skills through out the definition of individual student led learning objectives. Lecturers provide individual and group coaching using different tools. Students work on an innovation project for a leading company in the Swiss building industry.


The impact of Design Thinking

By the means of a 13-week course, we work with Design Thinking (DT) on students' personal development, their creative output and way of thinking. Besides the technical learning’s of Design Thinking, a social environment is created in which trial-and-error learning is enhanced.

We enjoyed exhibiting these two teaching and learning projects to an interested audience.


Paper accepted at Brain and Cognition


Daniella and Stefano together with their co-authors published a new study at the journal Brain and Cognition. In this study the authors show that enhancing executive skills via cognitive training leads to structural changes in the brain, that in turn improves the ability to manage the exploration-exploitation trade-off and leads to more efficient innovative decision-making. Please find the paper here.

Paper accepted at Brain and Behaviour


Daniella together with her co-authors published a new study on the journal Brain and Behaviour. This is one of the few meditation longitudinal studies in which the authors show that a brief meditation training leads to changes on brain regions associated with attention, self-control and self-awareness, that in turn correlate with higher self-reported well-being scores. Please find the paper here.

Prof. Robert Wuebker at the TIM Research Seminar


The TIM Group welcomed Professor Robert Wuebker to the TIM Research Seminar for a presentation on "Entrepreneurial theories, entrepreneurial rents, and a theory of the (new) firm".

Stefano and Alan welcoming a delegation of the University of Copenhagen


In a half-day meeting, Stefano and Alan gave them an introduction into ETHZ, the Critical Thinking initiative, Spark Labs and the activities we carry out such as the MSc class, ETH Week, Rumantsch Challenge, etc. Stefano gave an introduction into his research and why Design Thinking is important to help train the convergent/divergent parts of the brain. Alan introduced how to design in a way that fosters the creative, project based and collaborative mindset of design thinking.

Anna at the SMS in Paris


Anna discussed at the SMS Paris Behavioral Foundations of the Strategy Process and presented her dissertation work at the poster session of the Strategic Research Foundation.

Open positions for thesis projects


The TIM chair has open positions for MSc/MAS theses, you can find them on our thesis page.

We are looking forward to your application.