Georg defended his PhD thesis


Today Georg has gone through the most decisive hour of the past years and emerged as a Doctor. Congratulations!

His thesis "Organizing for digitalization: An exploration of strategic change in the capital goods industry" has been nominated for the ETH Medal by the examination committee.

A paper by Daniella and Stefano accepted at Strategic Management Journal


The paper argues that “cognitive flexibility”, the ability of understanding when to rely on habits vs. when to explore new courses of action, is a key driver of success when facing novel problems. Daniella and Stefano found, among other things, that managers high in cognitive flexibility are individuals who tend to reflect on the situation at hand, recognize and value diversity in viewpoints, and integrate such diversity in their own decision processes. By valuing d

Dr. Dietmar Röttger (GE) and Dr. Stefan Seiler (UBS) as guest lecturers in the course of Introduction to Management


On October 26, Dr. Dietmar Röttger (Executive Business Excellence Leader, GE) talked as a guest lecturer in the course of Introduction to Management (363-0341-00L), ETH Zürich. The focus of the guest lecture was to provide students with a real-life example of how an organization can transform itself to implement a new strategy.

On November 2, Dr. Stefan Seiler (Global Head Talent & Recruiting, UBS) talked as a guest lecturer in the course of Introduction to Management (363-0341-00L), ETH Zürich. The focus of the guest lecture was to provide students with a real-life example of how a bank designs and implements CSR policies to meet stakeholders’.

Barbara at the 2017 Global Business School Network Annual Conference giving a talk about “A Participatory Approach to Competence Building in Rural Kenya”


On November 2, Barbara organized a cross-sectoral panel and talked as a panelist at the 2017 GBSN Annual Conference (Washington, DC) about Solafrica’s Participatory Approach to Competence Building in Rural Kenya. The focus of the discussion was to provide insights on a two-year ethnographic study that documents how a Swiss NGO changed its approach to competence building in order to achieve impact in a local community in rural Kenya. Other panelists included Florian Schlegel (Project Manager for Kenya, Solafrica - Switzerland) and Phyllis Njoroge (Chief of Education Officer, Ramogi Resource Center - Kenya).

Anna at the SRF Dissertation Scholars Workshop at the SMS Annual Conference


Anna, a SRF Dissertation Research fellow,  attended the Dissertation Scholars Workshop at the Strategic Management Society annual conference (Houston, TX). The workshop intended to introduce fellows to the strategy community, providing them with a platform for exchange. Anna participated in two mentoring sessions by Philip Bromiley (UC Irvine) and Vincent Barker (University of Kansas).

Stefano at the SMS Annual Conference, giving a talk about "Attention and Cognition in Behavioral Strategy"


On October 29, Stefano talked as panelist at the Strategic Management Society (Houston, TX) about Attention and Cognition in Behavioral Strategy. Focus of the discussion was the state of the art in their application to theory and research in strategy to conduct and process and future prospects. Other panelists included John Joseph  (University of California), Sucheta Nadkarni (University of Cambridge), and Dean Shepherd (Notre Dame University). The discussion was led by William Ocasio (Northwestern University)

" Thinking about Design Thinking" - Stefano gave a talk at CERN (Geneve)


On October 25, Stefano gave a short talk at the IdeaSquare, during the Open Day of the innovation space of CERN (Geneve). His talk ‘Thinking about Design Thinking: Evidence from the lab and from the field’ focused on a little evaluation effort of design thinking, how it works and whether it works

Highlights of the TIM community at AOM 2017 now on Youtube


This year´s AOM meeting took place in Atlanta. If you were not able to attend, you can find videos of the people who were awarded and recognized for their contributions to the TIM community here.

Join the "28 Days Later" program


The ETH Week continues!! The ’28 Days Later’ program enable students to continue to work on the ideas they developed during the ETH Week to develop an actual prototype at the Students Projects House!! More than 30 students, among participants and tutors of the ETH Week are already working on their ideas. Join them on Tuesdays, between September 19 and October 17 as they run to develop their ideas!!

Successful organization of the ETH Week 2017


The TIMGroup and Spark Labs were happy to co-organize (together with ETH Sustainability and the Competence Centre for Materials and Processes) the ETH Week 2017. The theme this year was “Manufacturing the Future”. More than 200 people (students from all departments, faculty, external speakers) participated to a week-long, design thinking inspired sprint to address the technological, scientific, social and economic problems that new manufacturing technologies pose and help solve. You can find more info at: .