TIM Group is partner of SwissCAR for the "Automobilstudie Schweiz" in 2018


In Fall 2018 the Swiss Center for Automotive Research (SwissCAR) is going to publish the third edition of its study series “Automobilindustrie Schweiz”.Togehter with Business Monitor and Swissmem the TIMGroup is a partner for this year´s study.

Established in 2008, the study is issued on a five-year cycle and investigates past developments and the current status of key performance indicators of the Swiss automotive industry. Further it provides an outlook on selected upcoming topics in the automotive sector.

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TIM Group promotes >>venture>> 2018 Startups Speed Dating


Are you searching for opportunities to do a Master thesis, semester project, internship or work in a Swiss startup? The >>venture>>2018 Startup Speed Dating event fits you!

Swiss startups from different industries (e.g., pharma, diversified finance, software, utilities, etc.) will present their business ideas in a 1-minute pitch, followed by rounds of speed dates.

Don’t miss the chance to connect with the startup world! Click here for info & registrations

A paper by Tommaso Ramus, Barbara La Cara, Antonino Vaccaro, and Stefano Brusoni has been published in Business Ethics Quarterly


A paper by Tommaso Ramus, Barbara La Cara, Antonino Vaccaro, and Stefano Brusoni has been published in Business Ethics Quarterly. The title of the paper is “Social or Commercial? Innovation Strategies in Social Enterprises at Times of Turbulence”. You can download it here.

A paper by Felipe Csaszar and Daniella accepted at Strategy Science


The ability to make predictions about strategic outcomes — what we term strategic foresight — is central to most theories of competitive advantage. This paper identifies individual - and organization-level antecedents of strategic foresight by analyzing an exercise taken by 358 MBA students.

You can find more information here.

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Sonja and Stefano at Organization Science Winter Conference in Park City


The conference brought together top scholars from organization sciences to discuss how technology shapes the modern organization. Sonja was invited to present her joint project with the University Hospital Zurich on postoperative handoffs. Stefano closed the conference with a talk on technology emergence and its impact on the way we conduct research.


The conference program and further details can be found here.

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Anna at the CCC Doctoral Conference


Anna presents her doctoral research at the Consortium on Competitiveness and Cooperation (“CCC”) Conference for Doctoral Student Research in Berkeley, USA at the beginning of March. Her research investigates how choice tradeoffs involving social preferences can be influenced by how one processes information: whether decisions are carried out habitually or actively planned.

Details on the conference can be found here.

Innovation Leadership Company Kick-off!


Today, as part of the Innovation Leadership course, 4 groups of MSc and MAS students joined by Anna Deréky, Stefano Brusoni, Claude Siegenthaler and Daniella Laureiro started working on four important innovation projects for HHM. The students will work together with the company management during the next three months.

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Barbara defended her PhD thesis


Today Barbara finished her life as PhD student with an excellent defence of her thesis “Social Innovation and Business Ethics: Evidence from four field studies” and finally emerged as a Doctor. Congratulations Barbara from your team.

Georg defended his PhD thesis


Today Georg has gone through the most decisive hour of the past years and emerged as a Doctor. Congratulations!

His thesis "Organizing for digitalization: An exploration of strategic change in the capital goods industry" has been nominated for the ETH Medal by the examination committee.

A paper by Daniella and Stefano accepted at Strategic Management Journal


The paper argues that “cognitive flexibility”, the ability of understanding when to rely on habits vs. when to explore new courses of action, is a key driver of success when facing novel problems. Daniella and Stefano found, among other things, that managers high in cognitive flexibility are individuals who tend to reflect on the situation at hand, recognize and value diversity in viewpoints, and integrate such diversity in their own decision processes. By valuing d