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Doctoral Student


About me

Since March 2016, I am a doctoral student in the Technology & Innovation Management group at ETH.

I grew up in the south of the Netherlands. Interested in technology but much more so in the broader context surrounding it, I began studying Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology, for a BSc degree, later continuing with a double degree program of Innovation Sciences and Innovation Management, both in Eindhoven. My interests (and an exchange semester that got slightly out of hand) ultimately led me to a PhD position at the TIM group at ETH.

For more information, see my cv or find me on LinkedIn.

Research interests

My research interest lies with the implications of technological change for organizations and industries: what opportunities does (disruptive) innovation offer for organizations; and how do such innovations form or reshape industries? And how can and should firms deal with these implications, be it to commercialize innovations or to survive and even benefit from the consequences of technological change?

So far, I have been trying to understand these issues in the incredibly interesting 3D printing industry. I’m looking at innovation strategies and changing business models on both the supply and demand side.

Roles & activities

I am in charge of this website (so please do contact me for any issues/suggestions!). Furthermore, I am teaching assistant for the following course: