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Doctoral Student


About me
During studies and after receiving my diploma in mechanical engineering in 2006, I worked several years with SMEs in the engineering services sector. In 2010 I started a master`s program in industrial engineering with a major in technology and innovation management, which offered me the opportunity to gain nearly one year experience with ETH D-MTEC. After receiving the master`s degree I joined Prof. Brusoni`s Chair as a PhD student.
The life-part of the work-life-balance, I do mostly spend somewhere in the mountains. Preferentially with ice pick, rope and crampons but increasingly also by bike.

Research Interests
Innovation management, strategy development, organizational change in technology-based enterprises

Journal articles

Tuna, S. and Windisch, G. 2014. Efficient Front-loading through Knowledge Integration. International Journal of Product Development, Vol. 19 (5/6): 286 - 306

'Front-loading', proficiency in new product development (NPD) early planning, is commonly acknowledged to improve performance. However, there is little empirical evidence on the micro-processes that improve NPD-specific efficiency outcomes. This paper analyses the specific front-loading capabilities needed to reduce waste in NPD. We investigate 53 NPD projects pursued between 2007 to 2012 by a company in the factory automation and control industry. Archival project documents are used to identify front-loading activities and efficiency outcomes; interviews were conducted with project managers and engineers. The results show that projects with systematic knowledge integration at the front-end show significantly better schedule attainment than projects with no systematic knowledge integration at the front-end. Front-loading capabilities are best described as knowledge transfer from past projects. There is also evidence that knowledge integration from downstream functions and testing has a joint impact on time efficiency.

Working papers / Conference papers

Windisch, G. Efficient Frontloading through Knowledge Integration. 20th International Product Development Management Conference, 23-25/06/2013, Paris, 2013