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Senior Researcher


Philipp Bubenzer is Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich). He is member of the TIM group - the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC)

About me

For the past fifteen years I have dealt with innovations:

On the one hand, in executive roles at high-tech ventures, including a genomics biotech firm which we built based on a nobel laureate's technology, a global data analytics firm which we successfully bootstrapped, and consulting work for start-ups and large corporates.

On the other hand, as a researcher during my doctoral studies at WHU and the Kellogg School of Management and since my more recent return to full-time academic research. My aim is to develop in-depth understanding and solutions to tough managerial innovation challenges, many of which I became aware of as a practitioner. 

If there is one thing I have found, it is probably this: A key to solving many innovation challenges and boosting innovation outcomes is a better understanding of human cognition and behavior.

And so my research, teaching and consulting focuses on the intersection of innovation and social cognition, especially identity, identification and categorization.


Research interests:

Innovation | Entrepreneurship

Identity | Identification | Categorization

High-Tech | Life Sciences | Data analytics

Working papers / Conference papers

Förster, S., Bubenzer, P. Chasing A Moving Target: Using Design Thinking to Blend Rational and Foolish Problem-Solving. Academy of Management Conference, Boston, MA, 2019
Bubenzer, P. Outside the Box? Outsiders’ Organizational Identification and Idea Generation in Open Innovation. Academy of Management Conference, August 13-14, Chicago, Illinois, 2018
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Bubenzer, P. Identifying with the firm: Effects on creativity in open innovation. ISPIM Innovation Forum, 2016
Bubenzer, P. Innovation and Identity: Micro-foundations of an identity-based categorization of innovations. Working paper, 2016
Bubenzer, P., Sluss, D. Shared leadership in teams: Exploring the effect of relational identification on in-role performance. Working paper, 2016
Bubenzer, P., Wales, W.J., Baldegger, R. Reconsidering the performance effects of employee autonomy in the pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities. Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, BODØ, 2016
Bubenzer, P., Gregoire, D., Nyfferler, N. . Opportunity identification and identification with opportunities: Expanding the motivational dynamics of entrepreneurial action. Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, 2015
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Bubenzer, P., Foreman, P. Exploring the Effects of Hybrid Product and Organizational Identities on Organizational Identification. Academy of Management Conference, 2014
Bubenzer, P., Weber, K. Who are We Becoming? Consequences of Innovations for Members’ Identification with their Organization. Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Copenhagen, 2014