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Doctoral Student


Research Interests

Strategic decision making under uncertainty, Technical change, Exploration Exploitation dilemma, Entrepreneurship

Curriculum Vitae: Download here or connect with me on Linkedin.

Topics offered for Master thesis

Strategic decision making under uncertainty

Contexts: 3D printing, Big data, Entrepreneurship, Lab experiments


TIME magazine's Person of the Year in 2006

Drone photgraphy, Scuba diver, wannabe paraglider and potter.

Journal articles

Tata, A., Laureiro Martinez D., Garcia D., Oesch A., Brusoni, S. 2017. The Psycholinguistics of Entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 7 (June 2017): 38 - 44

We compare data across 24,624 Twitter users to examine differences between entrepreneurs and the general population. Our analyses reveal that entrepreneurs manifest more positive and fewer negative emotions than the general population. Entrepreneurs also communicate more about work, and less about aspects related to personal life. Interestingly, during the early phases of a venture, positive emotions and work concerns increase, while negative emotions and life concerns decrease. Counterintuitively, work and negative emotions are negatively associated. Entrepreneurs express negative emotions 2.26 times less, and these negative emotions reduce by 8% after successful fundraising. Our work has implications for the understanding of work-life balance and of emotions in entrepreneurial contexts.

Lauchli, R., Rabe, K. S., Kalbarczyk, K. Z., Tata, A., Heel, T., Kitto, R. Z., & Arnold, F. H. 2013. High-Throughput Screening for Terpene-Synthase-Cyclization Activity and Directed Evolution of a Terpene Synthase. Angewandte Chemie, 125(21): 5681-5684

An easy assay: A synthetic substrate enables a colorimetric screen for terpene synthase cyclization activity, thereby facilitating the engineering of these enzymes. By using directed evolution, the thermostability of a sesquiterpene synthase was increased without the loss of other properties. The technique also enabled rapid optimization of conditions for expression and stabilization in lysate of another terpene synthase. PPO=diphosphate.

Schulze, A, Angstmann, F., Förster, S., Schwärzler, S., Shekari, O., Tata, A., Zimmermann, N. 2013. The Automotive Industry in Switzerland: Industry Analysis 2013 . ETH Zürich