Supervised Theses

Name    Degree         Year         Title of Dissertation
Araceli Tabares MAS 2015 Mobile Medical Apps
Omer Bartu Avci Msc-MAVT,Semester Proejct klein 2015 Coding the evolution of 3D printing
Anna Fischer MAS 2015 Study on the predictive factors of collaboration efficiency and suggestions for improvement of an existing analysis tool
Paolo Bazzi MAS 2015 BSI - Von einer Produkt zu einer Projektfirma
Caroline Furrer MAS 2015 Linking Innovation, Value Creation and Corporate Sustainability
Ivan Gautschi BSc 2015 Correcting Bias in Moral Judgment as Precondition for Ethical Decision Making
Tibor Staub BSc 2015 The Role of Cognitive Control Capabilities in the Change of Routines at the Individual Level
Georgios Belis MSc 2015 Social Entrepreneuship: An analysis of a social enterprise's Innovation Ecosystem through the lens of Value Creation
Daria Pregowski MSc 2014 A Biosocial Model of Entrepreneurial Personality
Jan Preyer Philip MSc 2014 Big data and lifecycle management
Zahra Ariyafar MAS 2014

Study on influential factors of organization's collective intelligence and team performance

Fousekis Ioannis MSc 2014

Capabilities in the 3D printing industry

Mohammed Rafiuddin MAS 2014

Knowledge transfer in product development

Salih Ekiz MSc 2014

Evaluation, development and implementation of a cost effective fixation process through joint and interactive application of value stream mapping and set-based concurrent engineering techniques

Gubler Pascal MAS 2014

Key Aspects in the Financing Strategy for a High-Tech Start-Up Company

Irina Stoller MAS 2014

Positioning Strategy for a Business Process Management Software Company

Blaz Ostrek MSc 2014

Cognitive Network Activation and Social Network Search

Dimitrios Sofroniou MSc 2014

Forecasting the 3D printing ecosystem: Delphi approach.

Thomas Jakob MAS 2014

Innovation management in a high tech company

Pascal Herren



Identifying Key Roles and Actors during the Introduction of Process Management

Fernando Duran Balsa MSc 2014

Time perspective in Management Decision Makers with a focus on innovation outcomes

Fabian Angstmann MSc 2014

GF Automotive Case: Innovation Roadmapping

Carlo Zimmermann MAS 2014

Process for Business Model Innovation and Evaluation

Roland Hug MAS 2014

Consequences of moving the business model from turnkey projects to consortium projects

Florian Rittiner   PhD 2014

Striving for Product Development Excellence - Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Lean Management

Sandro Schwärzler MSc 2013
Georg Windisch MSc 2013 Methods and Effects of Frontloading in NPD Processes
Yuriy Alexandrovich Starodubtsev MAS 2013 Developing a process for gas turbine market requirements
Onur Görkem Özcan MSc 2013 Guidelines for Requirements Engineering in Research Projects
Jürg Gurtner MAS 2013 Focus on Customer Needs During Product Lifecycle Management
Anna Doberer MAS 2013 Wissensmanagement in der Abteilung Hydrologie des Bundesamtes für Umwelt: Analyse und Optimierung
Yoann Sylvain Roux MAS 2013 Reduction of engineering changes in project execution
Dominik Rehbock BSc 2013 Success drivers in the sales department
Henrik Vetsch MSc 2013 How efficiency in research and development (R&D) is increased by applying different process monitoring tools
Philipp Schmitt MAS 2013 Development of a Framework for the Commercial Launch of New Products
Mattia Ferrazini MAS 2012 Improving Efficiency and Flexibility in New Product Development: Extending and Testing Lean Product Development


Vasiliki Bougioura MAS 2012 Quantifying the success of change management
Stephan Henggeler MAS 2012 How does the framework of Alice Lam explain learning activities at firms: An empirical test
Roland Iten MAS 2012 Effects of backlog prioritization on customer-supplier goal alignment
Philipp Mayrl PhD 2012 Creating customer value in product development: Towards an understanding of lean product development
Andreas Strub MAS 2012 Development of a concept for an overall project planning
Philipp Schmitt PhD 2011 Improving Efficiency and Flexibility in New Product Development: Extending and Testing LeanProduct Development Concepts
Michael Suter MSc 2011 Development of a project effort estimation model for a private banking operations organization