How to develop effective HR development programs? To answer the question, we first analyzed the state of art of a Swiss banking organization’s HR development programs. We then developed a platform to implement HR programs by fostering social interaction across teams.

Design Sprint Week. Together with Spark Labs, Adaptricity experienced an agile five-day approach designed to help companies to find unconventional answers to crucial business questions through ideation, prototyping and testing ideas with their customers. In only five days, we defined critical focus areas, prototyped mock-ups and validated them with end-users.

Cross Industry Approach to New Tech Platforms. In partnership with IBM Research Zurich, Spark Labs organized and facilitated a creative session during which top innovation managers from thirteen industries explored new ways to unlock and leverage Blockchain technology to their business’ advantage in the fields of med-tech, energy, railroad transportation, construction, retail, education, media, and aviation.